About Us

photo of John Birchall

Most of the work is undertaken personally by John Birchall PhD. Work is passed to colleagues where their specialist skills can provide better value to the client. He made his first webpage in 1997, for internal use while on the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary (an important pioneer in moving print content into structured digital data). Gradually he spent more time on website work, and first built a Drupal 6 site for a client who runs an online bookshop, in 2009. That site is still running, currently on Drupal 7. He has provided thousands of volunteer support posts on Drupal.org as John_B. Since undertaking ongoing support and continuous development for GiveWell in 2012 a large element of his work has come to be Drupal and WordPress support, maintenance and consultancy. Some of his work is on new-build websites, sometimes importing content from older systems, or between Drupal and WordPress; and on taking over projects where there are problems with the initial developer, something which happens all to often in the Drupal world because contractors do not always have the skills they claim or think they have. Most of our work is for clients in the USA and UK.

Skills include PHP, HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress, CiviCRM, and Linux/GNU sysadmin; and for data analytics, Python and R.

DigitPros and DigitProfessionals are trading names of John Birchall, a sole trader legally resident in UK.